Albert Amsel

Gaijin uncle of Viscous, expert smith


He is a half-gaijin/half-Rokugani man from the noble family Amsel of Mereane. He was an apprentice smith at the time of the Fall Desolation. He followed his sister over to Rokugan when she left with her husband and two-year-old son.

He has since made a name for himself, particularly with bladed weapons (namely Katas) and a blade with his sigil is one that is sought after in a few samurai circles.

His best work thus far was one that he can never acknowledge. In the year ____ of the Empiral calender, he forged a nearly flawless blade with the help of his nephew Vicious. The blade was to replace a tainted blade the Claws of the Mantis recovered from the Seige of Second City.

Albert Amsel

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