Yoritomo Fuseishutsu

Mantis emissary to Second City


Born on the small island of Koutetsukan in the Isles of Spice and Silk. At about 5, he made quick friends with a boy 2 years his senior, Watanabe Tsuchiro, and quickly found a kindred soul in Tsuchiro. 3 years after become samurai he began courting Watanabe Miharu, Tsuchiro’s cousin. They courted for about a year before they were wed with Tsuchiro’s own father, Watanabe Kyofu; The Strong Wind was the daimyo of Koutetsukan at the time as well as an accomplished shugenja. 16 long hard years before a successful pregnancy, but finally the fortunes seemed to have blessed the small family with a healthy baby boy, Yoritomo Kikida. Their little listener was brought into this world without a cry, just his big eyes scanning the world and big ears twitching when catching any noise to see what he can learn. And they had 5 happy years together.

The end of Miharu was both slow and tragic. It left the courtier feeling powerless and shameful. How could he of not have been able to save his love? How could the fortunes, who favor the mortal man not allow him to have at least fought for her? He kept busy to not fall to other more costly vices.

He worked from morning to night, rarely seeing his son. Some might look upon this as anger or neglect but his childhood friend Tsuchiro knew this for what it was. A solace during a harsh storm. All the work had gained him great favor within the Mantis bureaucracy and elevated Fuseishutsu to be in great favor. He was selected to replace the Second City emissary for the Mantis. He’s been at that position for 3 years now…

He has recently corresponded with his good friend Tsuchiro to arrange the transport of his now 8 year old son to Second City.

Yoritomo Fuseishutsu

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