Tsuruchi Harumi

little fish in a big pond


-22 years old
-uses a war fan and katana


Harumi (14) – 春美
Harumi is the baby of the family and has just barely reached womanhood. Shy and and a little awkward, Harumi is her big sister’s shadow and second hand around the house. Being the youngest, her older siblings are all very protective of her. As Harumi was so young when her family was disgraced, she has as had little opportunity to socialize and doesn’t knows anyone outside the household. To most of the community, Harumi is just an faceless name. Unlike her older sister, she never had friends or suitors. Coupled with her family’s diminished status, this makes her a prime candidate for a bride to be sent in a diplomatic marriage.

Lost Love – Like all members of her family, the sight and sound of bells triggers her. (when triggered all TNs are increased by 5 until I spend a Void point to regain focus; this disruption can only happen twice daily, and one hour must pass between them)
Cursed by the Realm: Maedo – Harumi daydreams when she’s bored. She needs something to occupy her attention or she’s going to completely space-out. (When unoccupied by physical or social interaction, I suffer a 1k0- penalty to perception rolls).
Antisocial – Harumi is very sheltered and shy, she’s doesn’t do well with people, especially strangers. She finds it difficult to speak to others and when she does it usually comes out all wrong. (I have a penalty of 1k0- to all Social Skill rolls)
Fascination – Harumi is obsessed with fashion and it’s a little out of control. (my fascination impedes my judgement so I will even take dishonorable actions to pursue my obsession)

Quick – She’s fast! (if i don’t act first during a combat round during the Reaction Stage I can my Reflexes trait to the total Initiative Score for all subsequent rounds of the skirmish. This may be done for every round I did not act first.)

Notes to Self:
Way of the Mantis – I get no penalties to movement or attack on rough terrain. No loss of glory for improvised or peasant weapons. +1k0 to attacks.
Strength of the Mountain – when I activate this kata I reduce IN to gain armor
Skills: War fan (5), kenjutsu (5), tailoring (3), lore (2), jinjutsu, defense, knives, sail, commerce

Tsuruchi Harumi

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