Tamori Chīsai-mono

Fiancée to Vicious, Dragon Shugenja


Adoptive daughter to the Tamori family. Chīsai-mono was found by the Daimyo of the Tamori family, Tamori Shimura, after remnant scourge from the Destroyer War raided her village when she was a baby. Shimura found her under her slain mother, he only stopped to look when he saw the body move a little bit. Chīsai didn’t cry and when held by Shimura she fell asleep in his arms. Shimura, fell in love with this small-one and decided to take her in as his own instead of giving her up to the monks.

Chīsai grew up a happy and quite life. Shimura guarded her and protected her as best he could in his court, however there doesn’t seem to be many who share his love for her and let her know that on a regular basis. “Chīsai, you are nothing.” “Chīsai, you are peasant scum.” “Shimura can’t protect you forever.” Most of these are empty words said by empty people, and as such Chīsai’s disposition tends to stay sunny. She does have some days of overcast, but she then goes to her father’s garden and the storm passes.

Early on in her father’s home, it was discovered that she had a strong connection to the Kami. She started her training relatively early as a shugenja and excelled master techniques that were difficult for children 5 years her senor. She is the heir to the family, however due to her being adoptive, it’s expected that when the time comes one of her cousins will take charge in a coup, she is half on the fence about allowing her cousins to take her to avoid bloodshed and the other half is thinking that when the time comes, she rather die than allow what her family had to be taken from her.

She is currently engaged to Tsuruchi Vicious.

Tamori Chīsai-mono

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