Hogosha Tomae

Captain of The Storm's Fortune


Hogosha Tomae was born in The City of Lightning. She was captain of The Ocean’s Bounty and now The Storm’s Fortune. She has been currently tasked by her Provincial Daimyo Watanabe Tsuchiro to transport the son of Second City ambassador Yoritomo Fuseishutsu, Yoritomo Kikida.

Her last first mate was a man named Goro (Gore-oh), who was recently slain by a pirate attack.

She was relatively unscathed after the debacle of the Seige of Second City. After she dropped off The Claws of the Mantis, she started back home, but once she hit Kolani’s Landing she enlisted her vessel to bring soliders and supplies.

She played an integral part in the success of fending off the siege. She became known as Jōmyaku no kaisui.

In the 8 years of peace following the Seige of Second City, she has continued to sail the seas as a very profitable merchant, but now just teaches younger Mantis what it means to be of the sea.

Hogosha Tomae

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