“You must force destiny to hear you. Fate has no place for humble men.”

-Yoritomo Masasue

This is a wiki for the Legend of the 5 Rings 4th edition game that’s run most weekends over Roll20 and Skype. It’s recorded and posted in the Adventure log section of this portal. The players are Alex playing Natsuki, Bob playing Viscous, Lee playing Barushi, and Ryan playing Sadaharu.

It is the dawn of the 13 century of Rokugan. Over a quarter of a century later, the world is still reeling from the Destroyer War. A new generation have become samurai without knowing what war is. Peace is a good thing after so much strife and hardship, but in the words of Shinsei, “Wherever there is light, there must be shadow.”

Together these Mantis samurai have been charged by their lord Wantanabe Tsuchiro to escort the young lord Yoritomo Kikida to his father, Yoritomo Fuseishutsu, in Second City. The honorable Hogosha Tomae was tasked with moving the precious cargo from their respective home in Koutetsukan before winter set in.

The Shadow Above

The shadow above banner