Watanabe Tsuchiro

Mantis Provincial Daimyo of Koutetsukan


A kind hearted and honorable man in his mid-40s, Watanabe Tsuchiro leads over his Mantis ship yard island with care. With Watanabe being the premier shipwrights, it makes sense to have one appointed to Koutetsukan (The Iron Turtle City), the backbone of the great clan. He hadn’t even been close to his gempukku when the Destroyer War started then ended.

He was contacted by childhood friend and Second City Mantis ambassador Yoritomo Fuseishutsu to please send his son Yoritomo Kikida to him in Second City post haste. He then selected trusted samurai to take the young lord to Second City with Yoritomo Tomae on her Ocean’s Bounty. They were:
Yoritomo Barushi
Tsuruchi Natsuki
Tsuruchi Vicious
Kitsune Sadaharu

Watanabe Tsuchiro

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