Hida Katsu

Gruff old Crab surgeon who made friends with Barushi


Hida Katsu met Barushi during the Topaz Championship where they jovially talked during the Scorpion’s Ball. He started drinking with Barushi and let slip that, in his youth, he was stood up at the alter by Kikitta Ai, Grandmother of Natsuki’s wife, Kikitta Miho.

Barushi also discovered that Katsu-Sama was an old grizzled combat surgeon from the Carpenter Wall who had a set of jade scalpels. Barushi broached the topic but all Katsu-sama would say was that if he was interested, was to go a small Crab outpost in the Shadowlands call Shūten (translating to Terminus or Last Stop).

Hida Katsu

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