Yoritomo Kikida

Son of Yoritomo Fuseishutsu of Second City


Yoritomo Kikida is the 8 year old son of Second City ambassador Yoritomo Fuseishutsu and his late wife Yoritomo Miharu. He grew up on Koutetsukan where his family has a small holding. His father went away to Second City on his 7th birthday and was left in the care of his household and left as lord of the house. Upon Kikida reaching his 8th birthday Watanabe Tsuchiro, his father’s daimyo and childhood friend, visited the estate to let him know that his father had requested his presence in Second City. Lord Kitsune then put young Kikida in the care of able samurai for the purpose of getting him to see his father.

He has used this opportunity to train with real samurai. He is not jaded about the ways of the world, and his outlook could make a craggy mountain smile. However, with his recent brush with helplessness, he’s wondering what it really takes to be a samurai or a leader…

After being delivered to his father in Second City, he trained in the Yoritomo school of fighting under Barushi for all of his training. He had been selected to participate in the Topaz Championship. During the opening ceremony, Doji Chonitsu made reference to him in her play and then the Oni attacked. He, along with the rest of the participants, were escorted out. After the ceremonies re-commenced, he did quite well in the events and due to his training and his mentors’ help he was chosen to become the current Topaz Champion.

Yoritomo Kikida

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