Tsuruchi Natsuki

A young Tsuruchi archer


Favours a yumi
light armor
fathers wakizashi (stolen) as side arm (mainly dualing)
feels the compulsive need to take trophies of all victories (specifically his own.

Parents: Nara, Yanagi
Siblings: Akimi, Fuyuki, Harumi
Family Tree
Spouse: Married to the Crane Kakita, Miho. She is now heir to the Dymio since the recent deathe of her sister

they currently reside in Aketsu City, in the Kishou provence


Natsuki joined the ranks of the samurai at a young age. Young and brash, Natsuki is a skilled Tsuruchi archer watched over by his late mother. He collects tokens from every victory in hopes of regaining his family’s deteriorating status. His goal is to reclaim his family bow and make a legendary shot to gain renown in hopes of overshadowing his fathers disgrace.

Natsuki (17) – 夏木
From a young age Natsuki had been fascinated by archery and admired his father for his proficiency in the craft; for him archery was purest show of skill, no amount of trickery or cleverness could alter your opponents arrow, which made it a point of competition between Natsuki and his brother (it was the only competition where Fuyuki’s cunning couldn’t best him). After the death of his mother, his practice of archery shifted from a show of skill to a form of meditation allowing him to focus all of his stress or worries built up through the day into his arrows and then let them loose at the target. Whenever Natsuki was scolded he would turn to archery, whenever he was tricked by Fuyuki he would turn to archery, when his father left his wounded family to go and serve again he turned to archery. But when his father returned, drowned in shame, archery took on a new meaning again; now it was training. Now he had a reason to string his bow, now he had munition to notch, now he had a target to aim for. As he was the only archer left in the family he needed to do what his sisters, Akimi & Content Not Found: harumi-1 , and brother could not, he needed to regain the honour of the Tsuruchi. He needed a feat that would overshadow his father’s shame; he needed to make a shot of legend; he needed to let loose an arrow that would mark the history books for generations to come. And he needed proof. He waited anxiously, practising all day to perfect his aim till he would be old enough to take his father’s place. He was eventually stirred into action when Fuyuki came home with disturbing news; several nobles were considering Harumi as a candidate for a diplomatic marriage with another clan. Out of everyone’s reaction, Nara’s seemed the most distraught, claiming that his family had been reduced to unwanted livestock. Natsuki knew he could no longer wait to be of age, with his sister on the line, his family’s status needed to be restored now. With his own bow and family armour, he sought the last piece needed for his uniform; his father’s wakizashi, which was buried in mother’s grave. Retrieving the blade caused him to disturb his mother’s rest, but Natsuki had little choice. With the final piece in place he set out seeking the life of a warrior and his family’s redemption.


Driven: With his father’s disgrace and being the only member of his family of sufficient skill, Natsuki is driven to perform a shot of legend that will overshadow his father’s shame and bring honour back to the family.

Compulsion: Out of fear of not being believed Natsuki feels compelled to collect trophies of every victory in combat or duel. In most cases a ear or tooth from a beast slain, or the head if worthy as a trophy; but any personal token is will suffice from a human opponent. In extreme cases hair, their weapon, or family crest.

Haunted: As Nastuki started off on his expedition with almost disemtombing his mother out of desperation, he has earned the permanent eye and ear of Yanagi’s spirit. She seeks to keep him from making any excessively violent or dishonourable decisions, and occasionally offers insightful information and back story regardless of whether she is asked or not.

Lost Love: The death of his mother and disgrace of his father are both equally shaping in Natsuki’s past. Now that reminders of his mother are common place, the most jarring reminder of his circumstance and despair is the sound that brought despair to his father, the ringing of bells. While the sight of a bell invokes a level of anger in him, the sound of a bell invokes despair. The wound was salted by the numerous bell-related pranks and jokes directed as his family and father.


Higher Purpose: Natsuki is seeking is retribution for his family’s honour. Although he remains focused on his goal, in his youth he is susceptible to experiencing things altogether new to him.

Death Haiku

Sapling cant take root
(Blunt arrow falters yet again)
A family tree falls

Falls in silence

(blunt arrow, aimed high, fell short)
(Hard wood makes for a poor bow)
(The blunt arrow cuts harshest)
(A poor bow is good kindling)

Born of Willow and Oak
Stringed, flexed and readied for war
But the shot falls short

(Snapped in time of need)

Tsuruchi Natsuki

The Shadow Above Flotner